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Rosa- Belladona

The E:P contains these soft and velvety vocals which help you envision a lonely Sunday evening under your blanket with a single candle flickering in the distance.

Bellandona sets the overall tone as a softer, raw, emotive sounding E:P, with Rosa’s spirit still very much captivating their listeners.

Sunset has a great beat, the lyrics are interesting, the use of rhyme makes it catching, the instrumental section makes you feel sunny, which relates it back to the title.

Come Back Home hit me right in the feelings. talking about his family. It seems like the song is about remorse, a slower pace to wind down to.

Sleep is an unusual track, a stand alone track. The singers voice is mesmerising, his soulful voice sounds like someone who has felt a great deal of pain from heartbreak.

This rings through his execution of the song, you seem to feel connected to him.

The Belladonna E:P is available on Spotify. 

Words Emily Vass



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