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Maike – SRY

London based singer Maike released her fifth single ‘SRY’ on the 4th October. With its captivating melodies and instantly arresting sound – her fans are not going to be disappointed.

After the success of her single released in early 2019, she is just at the start of her singing career.

What musicians inspire you the most?

“My main musical inspiration is Taylor Swift, as I think her songs have a great combination of outstanding song writing, with an interesting and relatable story. Hooky melodies, powerful music production and a soft, sweet vocal delivery with an air of intimacy. This is something I am trying to achieve in my songs as well (or at least parts of it). I also adore Sia, Lana del Rey, Selena Gomez, Astrid S and Zara Larsson who all played a role when it comes to my musical inspiration.”

Maike has been writing about 8 years , but where does her inspiration for her music stem from? 

“SRY’ was inspired by people who simply can’t apologise and don’t admit when they made a mistake. I wanted to express my difficulties in dealing with a friend’s ego and inability to express regret. A line from my a verse of my song is “Don’t forget me when you’re famous, never had to work hard to make it”, in which I playfully sing about the contrast between boys with spoiled attitudes and those who are hard-working. I work very hard to fund my music career and took it quite personal at the time, I was looked down at for having three jobs and fighting for my dream. So I felt like I needed to write about it, all I would have really needed was appreciation and encouragement – which I never received.”

If you could perform at any music festival of your choice, what would it be and why?

“Glastonbury of course, I’m currently participating into the ‘Glastonbury emerging talent competition’ and really hope to get a slot! Fingers crossed.

Many emerging artists that I follow and support are playing in 2020 and it would be sick to meet them and perform.

I’m currently preparing two more single releases, that are following up this Friday’s release of ‘SRY’. Things like this take a lot of time, as a lot of it comes down to deciding on a certain branding for the singles. Whilst also deciding how I’m introducing the new songs on social media to the music industry in the most effective way. Coming up with new creative ideas for that keeps me and my friends pretty busy. On another note, I just got my first sync deal for a UK TV show which I’m very excited- this opportunity opened doors for even more writing sessions. Writing in collaboration is pretty much my favourite part anyway. I have started performing at smaller gigs in London and I am also planning a writing trip to L.A soon.”

Interviewer Meg Lowing for Musik Magazine.

Click here to listen.



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