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Wolfblood Moonshine @ Night and Day Cafe Manchester

Hearing the distant buzz of a rock band down Oldham Street drew me in like a moth to a flame.

It beckoned me in to the dimly lit, yet cosy cove through the front door of Night and Day Cafe.

The vintage feeling the venue brings a brilliant travelling sound with a corridor style layout with great interior decor.

Wolfblood Moonshine were on stage, they had a very strong stage presence, you could tell from the way they each held themselves they knew what they were doing.

Aly the bassist was poised elegantly with her vintage hat and her musicality bang on.

Wolfblood Moonshine 3.jpg

Al the front man had a heavy sense of showmanship, lyrical power and hyped the new E.P.

The drummer kept the rhythm brilliantly and had flair which is something everybody needs in a band.

Wolfblood Moonshine.jpg


Wolfblood Moonshine were followed by Beyond the Storm who were also full of character and sounded like a collab between Stereophonics and Yungblud.

Then played Vesent who were pushing for audience participation, and oozed Kings of Leon vibes.

The night itself was brilliant, a lively Tuesday night with passion, beer and bottle.

The confidence each of these bands showed fill me with confidence for Manchester’s up and coming music.

Click here to listen to Wolfblood Moonshine.

Click here to listen to Beyond the Storm.

Click here to listen to Vesent.

Words Emily Vass





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