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FRASE – Paddlin’

FRASE’s latest single Paddlin’ provides a fun but chilled atmosphere in its delivery. The singer’s quiet, soft voice adds an interesting vibe to the percussion as well as creates an anthem that is easy listening.

The repetition creates a catchy tune that will be stuck in your head for hours on end. An instrumental interlude provides a chance for the guitar to really shine. The bass guitar in particular stands out dramatically as it plays a very distinct, catchy tune that is beautiful to listen to in collusion with the rest of the track.

The music video, filmed in Vancouver, matches the tone well with its vibrant colouring and range of bright costuming. Its simple premise sees FRASE take on multiple roles within the video and even introduces a new dance move.
Paddlin’ is a fun, slow-paced addition to FRASE’s previous work which is similar in tone.

Words Gemma Nettle

Click here to listen.

Photo credit – http://frasemusic.ca/photos/


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