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Music can be a lifeline.

Jaz moved to Manchester for a fresh start, and uses music as a means to keep him on the straight and narrow.

“I’ll always be the lad who started on the acoustic to stay away from trouble.”

After stumbling across a Soundcloud link on social media, the interest was sparked and I just had to find out all about what exactly was behind his new song ‘Paradise.’

“The inspiration seemed to come from the rain. I was sat at home in Manchester, just biting my nails so to speak- (but quite literally as well.) Stuck in isolation once again. I know at the moment everyone’s mental health is taking a serious hammering from the government’s ignorance to societies simple needs. I came to Manchester for a new start. Getting away from the troubles of my home town but since moving here unfortunately life isn’t the same and adjusting is hard. My problems are only a drop in the ocean of issues but this song lyrically and instrumentally represents my head on a general day to day basis during a lockdown.”

Musical from a young age, starting at just 15 when he moved to a hostel which kept him busy and away from the streets, despite sometimes losing his way, music seemed to find its way back to him.

“Music’s always been a way of connecting with myself subconsciously to see how I really feel and most of the time I don’t think when I write I just put pen to paper. It’s kinda there I just need a little motivation or ink I guess.

Jaz is part of the band The Avenhams.

” The Avenhams have worked incredibly hard throughout lockdown. Most of my energy is spent there but my Soundcloud features my personal stuff. Just me, my room and my acoustic guitar.”

This raw stripped back vibe is a product of the time it took to write and record (two hours.) It really doesn’t show though.

“I recorded this track just as a demo with my home studio kit which is just a Scarlett 2i2 interface and microphone. You can hear the outside world and echoes which adds a little character to its energy. It’s a very raw track, one take singing and playing the acoustic and a few layers of melodies recorded.”

‘Elliot takes inspiration from many different genres of music, some of his musical influences are Simon Neill (Biffy Clyro) to Eric Clapton, Frank Sinatra to Johhny Cash, Bob Dylan to Van Morrison and even Elvis.

“For Paradise I was watching Godfather and the theme song ‘Speak Softly, Love’ has this chime on the guitar. A fast picking adding depth and romance but yet a dark esc sorta touch and I love that. “

Although Paradise is a demo it has a charm to it, soft vocals and a lovely spoken aspect to it, which really shines through showing his Jonny Cash influences.

Music can change lives in so many ways, whether it’s an outlet that takes you away from trouble, or an expression of how you’re really feeling. Don’t take it for granted, it could save your life.

Check out ‘The Avenhams’ below.

Article by Musik Magazine

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