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ConversationConservation – MILLICENT

MILLICENT is back with dreamy, hypnotic vocals.

The music video to accompany her wonderful voice is intriguing.

Full of strong visuals for you own interpretation, a figure lurking in the background and an oozing brain cake on the dinner table!

This eerie, jeering figure controls MILLICENT’S actions, bringing her a plate of cake that looks like a brain surrounded by cut out pieces of paper with names of different charities on them. These are then scattered all around the table.

“So the shadow figure, in literal terms with the video, is trying to serve me some ‘peace of mind’ by giving me a piece of mind to eat.

I’m aware in myself of how deep I can think sometimes, and how I can overthink. Its not a bad thing to be thoughtful and introspective, but overthinking and not communicating those thoughts or views can leave you feeling pretty mentally full.”

The figure’s quirky gestures and synchronisation with MILLICENT gives a feeling of uneasiness.

Using a floral background and light changes per frame makes it more interesting to watch by adding variation to each scene.

The most unnerving bit of the video had to be when the ‘thing’ clasped its hand over MILLICENT’S mouth silencing her.

I chose the four different charities on the different ways they help people.

Mind’ of course are the well known charity that focuses on all people suffering from all different types of disorders.

The Mental Health Foundation is a charity, but are an organisation focusing on researching different mental health disorders and campaigning public mental health support plans to Parliament.

Young Minds focuses on helping young people who suffer with their mental health.

We Are Hummingbird are a local charity to Lancashire, using music and musicians to educate people on mental health and suicide prevention.

Each cause are things I think about a lot.

Check out MILLICENT’S new music video out on Friday.

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