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Brix- Just a Girl

This is such a powerful music video to accompany an empowering cover of a song which is featured in the trailer for The Nutcracker and The Four Realms directed by Ben Tedesco.

The first words are a sample of man saying “Of course women must earn less than men, they are  weaker, smaller and less intelligent so they must earn less.”

Now that is a controversial statement to open a song with, I know that this is a track that is entirely for the empowerment of women.

The following statement in the video is an old fashioned clip of the birth a newborn child, and talking about the kitchen, abortions and a lot of other sexist comments. Then the video displays a group of children all young girls watching this clip in a cinema.

A clip of a young generation being brainwashed in to thinking that they aren’t good enough as a woman.

At Musik magazine we are completely for equality, but as this is ran by me a woman that has started up her own business I couldn’t simply let this review pass me by.

Women still get paid less than men in some jobs and it’s terrible, this does need be to be addressed.

“Take that pink ribbon from my eyes, I’m exposed and no big surprise, don’t you think I know exactly where I stand, this world is forcing me to hold your hand, because I’m just a girl, little old me, don’t let me out of your sight.”

This is the first verse in the song and it’s been well thought out. What a way to wake up the world.

The track has an eerie undertone too, with her soft yet strong voice carrying in echo.

I could hear her voice even after it was over, ringing through my head. Brix’s passion is so apparent throughout this.

The breaking point for me in this video, the thing that really hit home was when the clip interrupted the song and said “Know your place.” I’ve had people actually say that to me before.

I will say that this video does have political undertones which I would not like a part in.

This video is empowering to women and it’s incredible to see my gender being stood up for.

I do however believe that men face difficulties too and you can’t turn against men, we should be uniting all genders and supporting everybody equally.


Words Emily Vass

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