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Last night I had the opportunity to go check out Flor, the support act for Andrew McMahon and The Wilderness, on The Upside Down Flowers Tour.
I went to the show not knowing much about them and left instantly downloading their latest single “get behind this”, and their debut full length album “come out. you’re hiding” on Apple Music.
The energy that Flor brought out on stage with them was indescribable. Before they went on we had a room full of yawners and phone scrollers. When the music started people began to light up and dance, which was refreshing to see! There was even a group of 5 girls in the middle that knew every song and were screaming the words back to them.
The band was nothing but smiles and hair flips. You could truly see the love for performing. Flor is the Alt-Pop band with catchy guitar riffs and choruses that you can’t wait to sing in the car.
To find out when Flor will be in a city near you, visit www.florsounds.com .
Flor 2.jpg
flor 3.jpg
Review & Photos by: Naz Massaro

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