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Tarraska – Trailblazer

Today I want to introduce you to the great new band Tarraska from Bournemouth, UK who just released their first single “Trailblazer

The Band:

Jack Lande (all vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar),

Ben Parker (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar)

Shaun Brown (drums)

The core of the band has existed since 2014 and since then they steadily wrote and played their original material.

They have performed at hundreds of venues and a major festival.

Over time the tracks got a heavier sound and so Tarraska was born.

The new single “Trailblazer” was released in may 2020 and quickly became popular on various radio stations and even on TV.

And this success is no accident cause the song is just great!

Fantastic lyrics and the sound of hard rock make this single something very special and absolutely worth listening to.

Creative and with fresh ideas these guys will go their way in the music scene and i’m sure we will hear a lot from them.

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Article by Martina Doerner

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