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Craig Hopkinson -Over The River

This is one of the tracks from the E.P OK. which covers the subject of mental health.

It is inspired by the message that everything’s making you sad so you have to leave.

You reach a point in your life where you can’t take it anymore and everything grinds your gears.

Over The River lists a lot of different material things that make you feel annoyed and that drive you away from everyday life as you know it.

It’s a powerful message and it’s brilliant that somebody has talked about it through song.

The peaceful introduction is soft and gradual. A musical bliss of strings and vocals.

The vocals are relaxing, he makes you feel his pain and believe in his longing to leave the situation behind.

“I don’t read the morning paper , I only need good news for me.” This statement rings through your ears, how many times have you read news in the morning and thought what is this world then thrown it down and walked off?

If you haven’t I’d seriously consider giving it a go, then you’ll understand.

The track continues to build and the use of his own vocals as backing makes the song an A cappella style, the layers don’t muddy the sound they give it character.

Over the River is hypnotic in nature, the dark yet witty song provides an intensifying reflective mood. His powerful well thought lyricism sets a scene.

Over The River is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

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