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Merival – No Breaks

You are sitting in a café reading a novel and sipping on a cup of coffee.

The sounds of other patrons can be heard gossiping around you, then you hear a very soothing voice come on the radio.

This image was the first thing that came to my mind upon hearing “No Breaks”, the new single by Canadian singer Merival.

The track, which has flowing lyrics and manages to grab our attention, allows the listener to dive into the artists world and relate to her.

Perhaps the most relatable lyric, in my opinion, has to be: “I just want to be myself again, even if it means having no breaks”.

I find this to be especially interesting to hear because in today’s society, we are also rushing back and forth with no breaks.

The artist also manages to capture the very essence of sadness and allows you a look into her life, as well as the lives of others who have managed to feel trapped and lost in this crazy world.

If you want a soothing jam to listen to, you should definitely check out Merival’s, “No Breaks” when you are at work or in a café, and who knows, it might cheer you up on a day when you feel blue.

Click here to listen.

Words James Maines

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