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Yvng Nova – Insane

Yvng Nova is definitely an artist to watch out for; known for his multisyllabic rhyming schemes and relatable songs, he definitely does not disappoint. He recognised his talent at a young age, writing his first song at 13 but not releasing it until years later.

His new song ‘Insane’ is full of poetic lyrics and tribal percussion. The song is only one minute long; but definitely tells a story within this time.  Starting with ‘I think I am going insane, someone get me a straight jacket’ then going onto ‘How shit would it be / tragic / if I end up passing before living my dream’.

He reminds me of Kendrick Lamar or even Kanye West, all artists with hard beats and powerful messages. I later found out when talking to him that his music is heavily influenced by Kendrick, J.Cole and Eminem. His passion almost sounds effortless, the song flows with the heavy beat then ends with what sounds like gunshots.

I reached out to Yvng Nova and he said, “I can relate to anyone who has ever felt the same, the best thing I can say is to urge everyone that feels like this to keep pushing forward.”

So don’t miss out, give Yvng Nova ‘INSANE’ a listen.

Words Megan Lowing


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