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Asmik – NICE

Asmik is an electro-pop singer/songwriter. She grew up in an artistic family, whilst taking inspiration from some of the best singers of our time. Heavily influenced by Michael Jackson and Jazz, Asmik does not disappoint with her soulful vocal tone. Her leading single ‘NICE’ depicts a picture of the ups of a relationship, ‘you can make me feel like no one before’ and the downs ‘seems like I’m not ready to want something more.’

I would say that Asmik reminds me of Anne Marie musically, particularly her song ‘Alarm’. Both having an irresistible groove and showcasing their incredible vocals. Asmik has achieved a lot in her singing career so far, being a finalist in The Voice Ukraine whilst also being picked to take part in Armenia’s national selection for Eurovision.

The sound design of Asmik for the synths give the track a euphoric feel especially when mixing with the rhythms that the drums are creating. There are many apparent themes in her music, love and distrust being a few of them. Asmik confides, “My life looks like a roller coaster, it took me high and at one point threw me down. I am writing about it today because I feel differently about myself. I now know who I am and what I am capable of. I am also much stronger than I was before and I feel that I have something meaningful to say”.

So stop wasting your time and give ‘NICE’ a listen, I promise you won’t regret it.

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