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Highland Park Creative – Feel Like You Do

Highland Park Creative’s ‘Feel Like You Do’ feels like a nod to star DJs like David Guetta and Avicii with the club anthem style chorus that has the potential to ring in your head for hours after listening.

The beats take you on a journey that most three-minute songs would struggle to do.

A Trip-hop style low tempo intro with marching snare rolls subtly building to the climax of the catchy chorus.

The progression and dynamic change in the second verse gives it a boost that gets you hyped and ready for the chorus to hit you again.

The underpinning acoustic guitar in the pre-choruses gives the track a versatility.

You feel like you’ve jumped from a club to a campfire and straight back to a club when the drop comes, and the vocal hook of the chorus grabs you.

My overwhelming feeling is that the song wouldn’t feel out of place played in a club or, dare I say it, if it was an entry in Eurovision.

I’d challenge anyone who can’t admit that the chorus vocals are stuck in their heads and ready to be blurted out… maybe they’re saving it for the dancefloor.

Words Euan Holden

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