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George Bucks exclusive review on unheard of track… Got The Time

George Bucks’ single ‘Got the Time’, was a bit of shock to know what to make of it originally. The opening beat of the single reminded me of late 90’s-2000 Hip-Hop, with Dr Dre specifically coming to mind.

That being said, even though the beats brought on feelings of nostalgia, they are also quite generic. This in itself is not a bad thing, but it is a bit overdone.
As for other features, I did enjoy Bucks use of imagery in his lyrics.

This coupled with his unique style contributed to a listening experience that was pleasant and enjoyable.

Bucks has a unusual way of making his rap sound unique to other more “chart rap and hip hop” that is out at the moment, he takes a more classic sound and modernises it.

It works well, the lyrical flow works as for his style it hugely compliments his image. I could imagine this track being on the background of a Thrasher skateboarding video and Musik is hoping that it gets released soon because it’s a song that should blow up.

Fingers crossed for this up and coming rapper who is not afraid to stand out in this era at least!


Article written in collaboration with James Maines

Click here to listen to George Bucks

Exclusive to Musik Magazine

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