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Audrey’s Dance

I am driving down a road, it’s night , and I have currently had one of the worst days imaginable. I find myself wanting to latch onto something that manages to capture how I am feeling.

Then I hit play and listen to Audrey’s EP and I find myself taken on an emotional journey(in my opinion) of love, heartbreak, and loneliness. It is an experience that helps dull the pain that I am currently feeling down in the depths of my heart.

The EP only consists of only four tracks, but it kept me in the moment from beginning to end.

If I had to pick a favourite song, I would go with ‘Counting Crystals’, the opening track on the EP, because it managed to capture my attention from the opening note, the immediate harmonization of piano and Audrey’s vocals, ultimately creating something that was both unique and real.

This song was the reason that I was able to take myself out of my own pain and focus on something else. I especially like the lyric,  ‘Feeling fractured as I shiver in your arms again’. I find the image that it conjures in my mind to be one of complete truth and an experience that most adults have experienced once or twice.

This is a theme that continues with the other three tracks on the record and by the end of listening to this significant work, there were tears flowing down my face and I truly felt like I was not alone on such as terrible day.

If you are experiencing a bad day, a breakup, or just want to listen to something truly remarkable, I would give this EP a listen and allow the words to music to consume you and realize that as tough as life is, there is always someone out there who understands.

Words James Maines

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