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Katye Kellye

Let me introduce you to the fantastic Katye Kellye and the Interruption.

Katye is based in Asbury Park, New Jersey and has been at home in the music scene for a long time and is the former lead singer of the all-woman band Toxic Shox.

Almost signed to a record label that thought they should be a little sexier, they decided against it.  She says: “My musical abilities has nothing to do with external appearance” and she is so right.

Now she surrounds herself with her band The Interruption with artists like Richard Stern on guitar and harmonica and Paul Friend on guitar.

Katye’s music is influenced by The Who, The Runaways, Jefferson Airplane, The Ramones, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, The B-52s, Talking Heads, David Bowie, ’60s girl groups, and way too many others to think of.

After being away from music for 35 years, she released her first EP “Vanity Project” in 2019 followed by the new album “Late Bloomer” in January 2020 which I would like to introduce to you here.

The Album: The first song “Museum of Feelings” starts like fireworks with a rousing sound and great lyrics.

“Unoriginal Sins”, a bit quieter, but no less fantastic with haunting words.

 “(W)hole, incredibly good sound, slowly builds up with more spoken words than singing at the beginning, a pleasure to hear. “Rose-Colored Glasses” shows the full range of Katye’s voice and a text that makes an impression.

 “Pink Guitar” a song with reggae influences and blues too.

Blues, Country, and Southern rock is what makes “Heart Trouble” a fantastic song, varied and something very special due to the full-bodied voice.

 “Disclaimer” another rocking tune with lyrics straight from life.

“Rain” a mixture of soul and gospel, a great chorus..that’s what makes this song.

“(Suddenly) Everything Changes”, one of my favorite songs that shows how quickly things can change.

In the song “Late Bloomer” Katye describes herself, her journey through the years and for me it is a message to never give up. “Streetlight” a quiet song with swing elements, great lyrics.. simply Katye!

“Deja Vu”, makes me wanna dance, southern rock and country, a great mix up that defines the “Jersey Shore” sound.

Enjoy one of the most versatile singers I know, with lyrics that come from life and in which everyone can find themselves.

Thoughtful, cheeky and refreshing, always honest and straight from the heart, that’s what makes Katye Kellye and the Interruption to what they are..a simply amazing band.


Words Martina Doerner

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