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Periculum -Right,Ready?

This amazing album consists of several different tracks with an alternative style.

The purely instrumental introduction song Genesis sounds like something that would set the scene of a holiday destination, with the way the strings echo through your ears and build a strong picture in your head.

p 2.jpgA few of the songs that leapt out to me were Chronicles of X with its rhythmic drumming which almost sent me in to a trance like state, the awesome sound of the guitar was highly complimentary to the undertone of the beat. It had a great build up and you could hear the passion within the vocals with the tone.


New Jersey has such a soft, mellow tone to it, it’s a song that makes you feel reflective. It gives a stripped back sound to it which just builds up with pure raw emotion.

Pepsi is a really gorgeous sounding song, the vocalists voices really seems to take you on a journey. It’s a sad song but it’s compassionately thought out and delicately delivered.

Periculum are clearly a group that are thriving to succeed, passion is a huge part of their sound and I hope that they carry on going so more people can enjoy it!

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