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The Thief Of Time feat. Bay Bryan

The Thief Of Time is just what you need for a summer occasion, the perfect floor filler just ready to get you “groovin”, the gradual hypnotic beats creeps right in to your soul. You can add your own interpretations to what the track means to you from listening to the somewhat dark undertones of the vocals, they are transporting and the melody builds in to a something completely different halfway through which adds an element of surprise to the tune. 

The vocals are verging on spoken word and add a quirky variation to the track, the use of samples and the quote “It was as though I had no place in the world.” adds an edge and is intriguing. The electronic sounds dance around you taking you to another place, perhaps not one of this world.

We got to catch up with the label on their new release and find out how it came to be.

“The sample is taken from an old film called Carnival Of Souls which is hand on heart one of my favourite films. It bombed on release but over time it found its audience via drive-in cinemas & on the cult horror circuit.”

“It’s about a women who is the lone survivor from a car crash who takes a church organist’s job in another town. She is plagued by visions of a ghoulish man she keeps seeing who seems to be tied to an old abandoned carnival on a pier which is near to the new town she moved to. It’s pretty nightmarish stuff. I thought the sample really sums up in a sentence how I can feel when in the deep throws of having imposter syndrome…the uncertainty, the confusion & the lack of confidence.”
“For the whole Thief Of Time project I didn’t have any sort of pre-conceived ideas or work ethic other than I was wanting to make some music which was not 4/4, club bangers (which I had been always doing previously). I wanted to explore my other musical tastes & influences a bit deeper and also be more personal than I ever had.”
“The music side of it just kind of came together quite quickly and at the time I had just started having guitar lessons which I wanted to utilise. I’ve never written lyrics or sung before but that was something I really wanted to push myself on for this track and as its sound evolved into a more ethereal/ghostly kind of vibe I though writing about suffering with imposter syndrome throughout my life was something I could express.”
“I do all the production, mixing & final engineering myself and this track was no different. I usually start with some sort of ‘beats’ which I will then build around with other sounds & rhythms usually filtered excessively and lots of reverb applied as well as fx.”
“I like to build layers & textures this way and by using different delays on different elements. I found a lot more musical freedom and (as corny as it sounds!) the ability to be much more expressive on The Thief Of Time project and this track. With no real idea of the end goal other than I was just enjoying myself meant I could be a lot more free to try things out.”
Do you have a studio?
“I do indeed have a studio! It’s set up at our house and I work from it on all of my own productions as well as having clients round to assist them and work on their tracks to get them to a finished stage.”
“It’s great to have something so convenient & close though it does come with the usual distractions of doing other stuff around the house or getting side-tracked by other things and procrastinating! (Hence where the Thief Of Time name came from.)”

How did you come across Bay Bryan? 

“I’ve known Bay for the best part of a year now and it was via the parties we’ve thrown as Sticky Heat and also via Sprechen of which Bay and also his husband Frasier had been attending I got talking to both of them and found out that they both live about 5 minutes from where I was living at the time!”

“It was actually my very good friend Richie V from Supernature who suggested speaking with Bay about working together. Richie had been to see him perform at a few of the open mic type nights which Bay was performing at and thought his voice would work really well with the Imposter Syndrome track I had recently finished off. Bay isn’t on Sprechen as an artist though I would certainly love to work with him again on the next Thief Of Time project.”

The Thief Of Time has been described as an endearing and electronical trip and we have to agree.

Have a listen below and see what you think!

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