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Skye Wallace -Coal in Your Window

Song writing at its best – I’m told that Skye Wallace wrote this song inspired by a story about a boy in an old, cottage hospital that would throw coal at his lover’s window to beckon her down. Whilst it’s not quite Romeo and Juliet esque, it inspired a plucky and spirited song.
This is Skye’s first single and her artistry immediately shines through – homely cinematography of a bare room with plants and instruments are one of the first scenes that the viewer sees. It’s punk and filled with pandemonium and festival energy.
The music crashes through your earphones, with captivating, jittery guitar riffs running through your head long after the song is over. The shorts of urban, darkened alleys help create a feel of early Avril Lavigne music videos, really capturing how timeless this genre of music can be.
Skye seems to do speak-singing a lot, but rather than sounding bratty, she sounds passionate and, to be honest, like a punk star already. You can tell she is connecting to the music heavily, with some shots looking better than artists I have seen perform live on stage.
The contagious lyrics are captured best, I think, by lyrics such as ‘It’s been seven nights since I could hold you tight’, which firstly made me think of the biblical imagery of seven days and seven nights of rain. ‘So meet me in the back, girl!’ is repeated several times, evoking both a sense of mystery and desperation.
This is a welcome relief to the punk/ pop genre – I’m sure Skye will go very far if her first release is anything to go by!
Words Emma Stevens
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