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The Jerry Cans – Swell (My Brother)

The Jerry Cans have such a unique beautiful concept if you are looking for different this is the band for you.

They have combined traditional inuit throat singing with country folk and rock.

The latest masterpiece is named  “Swell (My Brother)”  with the most in depth meaning behind it.

“(My Brother)” is a song that breaks our hearts to sing, and that broke our hearts to write. “

When creating new album Echoes, two of their childhood friends died by suicide. 

” Before the current pandemic, Nunavut has been struggling with a pandemic of its own. Losing family and friends to suicide this way is not new for the band – or anyone who has spent any time in Nunavut. But this song came out of the anger, sorrow, and frustration of this experience. Even as we grow up, we never seem to outgrow these feelings. “

What an inspirational video with a powerful message!



Nunavat Helpline

1 (800) 265-3333



Crisis Services Canada

1(833) 456-4566

 Kids Help Phone

Chat Services: kidshelpphone.ca

Text Services: Text “CONNECT” to 686868 (also serving adults)

 United States

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1 (800) 273-8255


List of suicide crisis lines by country: 


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