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Polar States live @ Jimmy’s Manchester

This vibrant night took place at a rather intimate venue. Rammed full of people, even on my press pass I struggled to make it beyond the towering staircase in to the room.

I had to squeeze past several longing fans and soon got used to the burning eyes in the back of my head from standing right at the front.

The support act Two Day Coma were brilliant.

I loved their music, the vocalist sounded like a cross between Mike Skinner meets Mac De Marco and it sounded influential.


Polar States warmed the audience with the passionate frontman bringing his  enthusiastic tales of recently being signed to inspiration behind songs.

They drew attention to the song Roads which had brought them… “just a little record deal and all that.”

He emphasised audience participation and was somewhat successful.


During the set the use of reverb gave a mysterious haunting effect but it complimented the vocalist well, the drummer stood up in a musical passion and the guitarist was playing on a vintage instrument.

These guys are one to watch in the Manchester music scene, I hope to see them very soon!

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All photos sourced by Polar States.

Words Emily Vass

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