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Black Anchors!

Black Anchors, trio from Devon are providing such quirky artistic lyrics, with differing tempo in tracks.

The song Favourite Records has high strength guitar and fast pace drumming, it seems to be a much darker song.

These punk rock style musicians have such a progressive differentiating style between tracks.

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Photo sourced- Black Anchors

Black Anchors have a slower paced song called Heavenly Lane.  This has a alternative melodic feel to it rather than just pure heavier rock.


It seems to be more of a ballad and  the lyrics suggest it could be about love.

“I still wonder where you sleep at night”  “It’s not love, unless it hurts”

These really dig deep in to your soul and make you feel interested in the story they are telling.

Me, Tom Waits and an Empty Bottle of Rum really shows the bands personality off.

Initially it felt a lot faster due to the heavier beat, however the more you get in to the song it feels a lot more pop punk.

The chanty chorus reminds me of an old school skate track.

Check them out!

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