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Diana Ezerex Questions and Answers

German singer Diana Ezerex has a single out this Sunday called Questions and Answers!

The song begins with a catchy gradual build up which then erupts with her strong voice.

The tone of her voice just captivates the listener.  You are just anticipating for the chorus.

The chorus contains so much upbeat charismatic traits, that seem like they could be a soundtrack to a romantic film.

Listening to the soft postive beat and the strong lyrics, a sense of emotion which warmed me inside.

It’s one hundred per cent a summer song, the lyrics are cleverly placed and seem to describe some sort of story about life “Don’t try and run from who you are.”

This song is crammed to the brim with empowering quotes which aren’t too preachy they just uplift your day.

If you ‘re feeling down and need some reflectiveness injected in to your day, give Diana Ezerex a listen.

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Words Musik Magazine 

photo sourced- Diana

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