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Summer Survival 2018

Summer Survival returned for 2018, this time Source student bar had opened up the music venue space next door.

This enabled V.I.P ticket holders to have more access to exclusive bars and further space.

The day was exceptionally hot and people were in high spirits. The drinks were on offer, the sun was out and people were seated and stood in the outside area surrounding the stage.

First to the mic were band Neptune Valley, originally on at 2pm however they appeared to be delayed and sound check took a while.

When they started singing, I thought they were  a band suited to a more intimate gig space. I thought this because sadly the front mans vocals got carried away with the large amount of outside noise from the event. They are a quirky band with interesting melodies. They had good communication with the audience and sang a song about being from the North. I thought that was a nice little touch.

Neptune Valley

Next up were Jonny Oates Band. These had brilliant stage presence and a nice sounding guitar. They had gradual tempo changing songs which created a more relaxed vibe to the set. I thought that they created an exciting matching level of presence to the rest of Summer Survival.

Jonny Oates

The Pinstripe Pigeon band were on next, they had a female vocalist who had a really strong voice. It complimented with the overall style of the band. Although they had a quieter sound to the set I thought they were a good band, with a lot of charisma.

Pinstripe Pigeon

The Covasettes were upbeat and cheerful. They even spread their cheeriness by wondering around the venue afterwards and introducing themselves to the audience after the set and giving out business cards. I think the  classic indie rock  band had created the kind of music you just want to dance along to.


Neon Cactus has friendly stage presence, good rocky vibe. They played some amazing covers, Rolling on a River being one. The lead singer had such an exceptional ability to work the audience that a flash mob literally started. They were pleaded to play more songs and played another two extra covers.

Neon Cactus

Finally Puppet Theory played a more laid-back sound for a nice chilled finish to the day. Lots of people were bobbing their heads to the rocky, funky almost reggae sounding music as it travelled across the outdoor area.

Puppet Theory

Embassy took over the outside area of the source bar with different DJs throughout the day and night. They moved to 53 degree music venue in the evening and gave an amazing performance with thanks to Mark Hirst.

Embassy DJs
Crowds gathering in the sunny outdoor space to the Embassy sets.


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