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Musik Podcast for October and November 2023.

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“Hello and welcome to Musik’s first ever podcast!

I’m your host Emily and I’m going to be talking about some things to look out for this month in music news.

‘abracadabra’ have covered a nine inch nails track called ‘The Hand that Feeds’, it’s mysterious, quirky and intriguing, well worth a listen.

The video is full of trippy visuals and twists and turns. If you are U.K based they’ll be coming to Manchester Gulliver’s on the 28th of November or London on the 29th.

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Now for some gigs in near future we’ve got ‘The Chemical Brothers’ coming to AO arena in Manchester on the 27th of October, that is going to be insane, the multi platinum selling artists have got a big one lined up. Tickets are starting at £74.00.

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Get tickets here !

Read more about them here!

Next we have The Streets who will be making an appearance at O2 Warehouse in Manchester also on the 27th of October.

This will be a memorable gig with Mike Skinner fronting the band as usual. It will not be one to miss.

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There’s Newton Faukner who is going to playing at Band on The Wall on Sunday the 22nd of October. I’m expecting an acoustic style gig in a more intimate venue. Tickets are around £36 and they’re offering a fan to fan resale at the moment if you missed out on the first round of ticket sales.

Find out more about tickets here!

Next up there’s Anne Marie who is coming to Manchester AO Arena on the 26th of November tickets are from £53.

Get tickets here for Anne Marie!

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That’s it for our first Musik Podcast, if you wish to feature on our next one please do get in touch via Instagram or email via our website.

Thanks everyone,

Emily from Musik Magazine.”

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