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Birds Nest Fest !

On Sunday the 6th of May a small private festival took place.

The host of this amazing event was Harris Christison. This future event organiser put on his first smaller gig in preparation for his bigger venture coming soon…

The festival took place on Birds Nest Farm which is based somewhere in picturesque East Anglia.

First to the stage were Cardiff based band Magi Mojaxx. They had such charisma and attracted the audience that had got up from the heat slumber after most of the day basking in the sun.

They seemed like they supported a fusion of reggae and hip hop, this added a brilliant twist to the music.

It made it interesting. There wasn’t a lot of dancing however they had a vibrant energy that drew me in.

The atmosphere went from a dormant, chilled environment to  sociable and lively mass of people.

Click here to listen to Magi Mojaxx.

Magi Mojaxx in full swing

It was unusual yet incredible to see the punkier looking band dancing in the audience to reggae.

The music created a brilliant bond between all the people there and that’s such an important fundamental moment that should be shared in all music festivals.

During the festival it didn’t matter who you were, where you came from and what you were doing in life these people had come together to spend time with friends and appreciate the music. That’s all that mattered in those moments.

Further singing from front man Joe Wilson- Photography David Sherrit

Then there was a singer called Charlie Jennings who reminded me a lot of Passenger. He had a similiar quirky singer song writer vibe.

His song about Pret a Manger was hilarious. Sadly I haven’t found any trace of him online.

Below is a video of him performing.

A local music producer David Sherrit performed an acoustic set, his voice was had a husky tone to it, it sounded incredible. He hit some impressive notes and had fabulous stage presence.

You can listen to David’s music if you click here

David was running the sound desk all day with Kieran and Daniel as part of Transcend Productions UK.

Photo from Transcends action station

A little later on in the evening after being served a delicious hog roast  and home brewed ale the music took a break then returned in force.

Next to play were a band called Ghouls who are playing Boomtown this year!

Ghouls were such a rare sounding band the mixture of heavy, ska and even folky tones at times, they brought such a different dimension to the event.

The fuse of brass instruments and heavier vocals and guitar just complimented each other  so well.

Click here to listen to their latest album.

Finally to top it off  were Household Dogs. These claim to be a pseudo-country whatever that means… 😛

They were incredible they had inspiration haircuts, amazing flowing music that was almost hypnotic.

It echoed throughout the farm and was quite haunting at points. This Leeds based band are full of intriguing personality that just shone through during the performance.


I felt honoured to be able to attend such an event and listen to so many new musicians and share a brilliant expereince this past Bank Holiday.

The videos were provided by David Sherrit and Emily Vass and more videos will be coming soon from Nomad’s Street (Collective) photography.

Click here to see Nomad’s page.





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