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Delights are a delight…

This charming band from Manchester approached me, I can honestly tell you that clicking play on their song Jungle was one of the best things I did.

They seem so laid back but so enthusiastic, I love, love, love their sound, heavy indie vibes, with a sense of a calming beach jam.

This is a summertime tune, I can imagine being in Cornwall rolling down the road in a VW camper van heading to the beach with this blaring through the radio.

What baffled me the most about this band was how perfectly executed each track was, each song seemed to give off it’s own personality, which sounds mad but it’s true. You have to listen to understand.

Sun Visor hit me right in the feels, a song about a breakup, the harsh lyrics still sounding beautiful with the dreamy rasp in the singers voice.

The twinkly strings, the underlying beat, a slow and meaningful drum beat similar to that of a heart beat, which goes well with the songs theme.

I had a tear in my eyes hearing this song.

Thankfully Bloom brought time back in to the land of the living,  instantly making me tapping my foot with the upbeat, I didn’t feel the vocals were as strong as they could have been on this song.

I don’t feel he gave away his full potential in this track. It was a bit too quiet in comparison to the backing and got a little lost.

Naked Heart gave off another romantic vibe, as a whole the song is brilliant, my favourite point is when he gives off a gruffness to his voice and adds real emphasis.

Sun Lounger, another sun related song, starts off quite slow but very positive, I was about to assume it didn’t have lyrics until I was greeted by lyrics ” your eyes are like silhouettes.”

This song is like something that would play after you meet a summer romance, like something out of a film.

There were a lot of other songs on Spotify too but if I’m honest I think I’ve said enough.

Check them out ! You know you want to…

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