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Violent Skies- Invade/Escape

It is important to note that Violent Skies have donated 100% of the proceeds from their first four singles to the mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).

This gives a great insight into the nature of their sound: the Preston-based group combine elements of metal, 90s alt rock, shoegaze and electronic music to create intense soundscapes that are both dense and gratifying.

The lyrical themes of emotional turbulence aptly represented by dense and atmospheric instrumentation.

The track is underpinned by militant, driving percussion and questioning textural guitar work that rises with ethereal delicacy, only to burst into explosive distortion, reflecting the impassioned vocals and lyrics perfectly.

Just when you think the track has run its course, a crumbling bridge leads you into a final iteration of the darkly melodic chorus, finally fading out and giving the listener space to reflect.

thumbnail_InvadeEscape Single Cover.jpg

Themes of the transient nature of relationships and the emotional resonances of mental and physical violence are represented in a raw and honest manner, sounding like a cathartic release for the vocalist.

I would recommend this group for fans of heavy music, with an appreciation of heaviness being achieved by methods other than vocal/instrumental aggression. Looking forward to the next instalment in their musical journey.

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