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John Warwick -Kaleidoscope Minds

I want to introduce you to a great artist, John Warwick.

Born in London he heard a Beatles song and he knew he wanted to do just that kind of music. He taught himself drumming at an early age, and after the inspiration from the Beatles, he learned to play the guitar.

The fact that he is a dyslexic songwriter spurs his curiosity even more. He is able to feel tones and I do not mean that he can read notes ,rather, I mean the empathy for the music he shows. He shows an inexhaustible energy in it to learn from others, be it different genres or what inspired other artists.

With his debut album Kaleidoscope Minds

he sets accents and makes us listen. It is not a comfortable album in the sense of cuddly rock music, no light fare and nothing you can hear besides without becoming thoughtful.

Rather, it is a reflection of society and its way of protesting against it. With this album he expresses his protest against politics and society and it seems like a liberation against frustration.

But it’s not just negative as we can hear in Art & War(it all blows away). In addition to the really impressive lyrics, I am always thrilled about John’s extraordinary voice , dark, deep and haunting. I am very sure that we will hear a lot of great music from him.

Click here to listen.

Words Martina Doerner

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