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Little Sparrow – Alone

Folk singer Little Sparrow has released a brand new single ‘Alone’, this is part of her album ‘Feather Moon’, inspired by novel ‘The Lovely Bones’ by Alice Sebold.

“Alone’ tells the story of being lost, alone in the darkness, desperately trying to escape and asks whether we are ever truly alone.”

The video starts with Little Sparrow alone in a forest, hauntingly, powerful vocals immediately capture your very essence and spiral you in to a trance like state.

Ducking and weaving she goes deeper in to the forest. It becomes like a labyrinth when she hides at every glimpse of the other being hiding among the brush.

Her feathers stand tall in her hair giving the impression she is a deer with large antlers and then we see the creature, a robotic humanoid fly.

This psychedelic creature seems so industrial and out of place in a gentle natural environment like the woods.

It seems like it has luminescent red tubes sticking out of it that make up the structure of a fly’s wings, at the end the creature combines with Little Sparrow.

We get this impression as she shows her red glowing hands and this makes you question whether the creature was actually her all along.

The open ending is creative and could have so many different meanings.

Musically gifted, addictive and interesting. A truly unique artist ripping up the rule book.

Check out two of our favourites below and make your own mind up.

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