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MILLICENT @ The English Lounge

Upon hearing that a local songwriter’s night was happening in The Northern Quarter, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to ease back in to the world of live music whilst scouting for local unsigned artists.

Nearly two years of stopping and starting the idea of hearing anything live again seemed like a distant memory.

The English Lounge had a group of local punters around the bar ready to take their seats at their usual spots. Still on soundcheck MILLICENT took her place at the front of the pub.

The crowd were still talking amongst themselves when she began by testing the water by playing her cover version of ‘Where Is My Mind’ her melodic voice seemed to captivate everyone at once.

The pub had a moment of silence all eyes were on her, a rush of people flocked in from outside to listen to her set…

The venue was alive with a hum of conversation but pausing to listen.

MILLICENT played a mixture of original songs and covers. It was refreshing to hear someone playing their own songs.

It’s a common occurrence that bands who are playing open mic nights or more local pub environments favour covers due to the crowd but her bold move of playing originals worked in her favour.

People were impressed and seemed genuinely engaged with what she was singing, you could hear that through the power of her voice and ability to play guitar.

It was an enjoyable night, and it felt so good to be back in a setting where people had come together for the same reason, the love of music.

Listen to MILLICENT here –

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