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This cheerful upbeat melody is enough to uplift anybody listening, however the more I listened it seemed like it had a darker undertone to the song. I thought that it sounded like she was singing about recent pain.

The lyrics are in depth, they sound very hypnotic, Millicent’s voice really showcases her vocal range powerfully.

Her ability to hit the high notes by using her head voice and to differ between the lower and mid ranges made the song even more interesting, it’s a beautiful instrument the voice especially Millicent’s.

The slow drum beat could perhaps symbolise a heart beat “it’s all just make believe” is an unusual lyrics that makes it sound like she is fully invested in what she’s singing about and her passion for music comes across that way.

Artists can sing songs that are made to sell records, but I genuinely believe Millicent is singing purely as self expression, you can tell because you hear the enthusiasm in her voice.

The guitar adds a catchy quirky melodic style to the song and makes me want to play it again. I rarely say that, it’s worth listening to. A lot of time and effort has gone in to the track and I don’t think it was wasted.

You’ll be able to listen to the song for yourselves on the 14th of April!



Words Emily Vass

Musik Magazine


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