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Cavana’s Giraffe

A New and Exciting Indie Band from Manchester

Do you long for the days when Indie Rock ruled the airwaves?

Are you looking for a new song that will make you want to dance, whether you’re in your room or on the metro?

If so, then you should check out Manchester-based Indie Rock band CAVANA.

Coming out of a great performance run in 2017, Cavana seems ready to take it one step further in 2018.

Picture – Charlie Fowlds

From the opening of Cavana’s single ‘Giraffe,’ one can hear the beautiful, yet light guitar riff that automatically sends a signal through your body to begin swaying back and forth.

The vocals on the track, which seems to be akin to that of Liam Gallagher’s, are a style I wouldn’t normally say would work because of the tone of the music they are coupled with, but Cavana is an exception.

The throaty vocals manage to blend together easily with the sound of the guitar and drums making it a track that allows you to feel as if Indie rock is still going strong in 2018.

One of best parts of the track is the lyric, ‘I’ve got to let you go, when I can’t let you know’; it is instantly quotable and allows the listener to be drawn into the artist’s pain, which in turn, makes the song even more relatable to audiences.

So, if you are looking for something that reminds you of bands like Oasis and The White Stripes, then give Cavana a listen.

Picture- Charlie Fowlds

Click here to listen!

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Words James Maines

Musik Magazine

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