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Pet Puma – Spaceship

Question; what do you get if you put a songwriter, Instagram influencer, a stunt-performer, and a dungeon master in a band? You get a funky, infectious space pop. The band Pet Puma recently came together after time spent performing in different line-ups and as in-demand session performers, with member Violet Verigo having previously worked as a stunt double. Now, they’re bringing together their individual talents to create cosmically catchy tunes and provide us with a rocket full of fun.

Debut single “Spaceship” is the perfect mission statement for this bizarre but enthralling group. It can be summed up as sounding like the bastard child of Prince and the Maccabees. Combining vivid lyrical imagery with a bouncy, catchy-as-hell melody, the track is a fun, bouncy slice of synth-pop that will be stuck in your head all day. From the start, it grabs your attention with warbly keyboard jabs and stinging guitars.


“Spaceship” also benefits from grade-A production from a group of seasoned musicians. From the perfect mixing of the slap bass and the crunching drums, to the inclusion of electronic synths and noises, everything comes together to form the perfect cosmic package.

It’s a great start for a band that has a clear idea of what their sound is and how they should move it forward. As a group of pros who have plenty more to offer, Pet Puma are sure to be flying off into space with more fun to follow.

Words Jack Murphy

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