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Meet Ash Stevenson member on All Together Now

Ash Stevenson is on a brand new series coming to BBC One.  All Together Now is a singing competition but with a twist, hosted by Rob Beckett and former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.

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It’s going to be tricky to to impress a 100 judges of iconic people who have experience in top places such as The West End.

The singing competition has 100 judges who press a button and join in the song if they like the person. The amount of people who stand up with them is the amount of points the singers score.

Musik Magazine caught up with member Ash who has been singing since he was about 8 years old. “I don’t remember getting in to it, just always loved it really.”

He was contacted by the casting director and asked if he was wanting to audition.

“The next day I did a Skype audition with the producers and a few days later they sent me to London for my last audition, it all happened in the space of a week!”

He is delighted by the opportunity but did feel nervous. “I’ve had TV interviews before and been unsuccessful, so I really wanted to make this one work for myself.”

He’ll be graduating from university this summer with a degree in musical theatre. “the plan is to get myself an agent and audition for musicals, TV, cruise ships etc and just make a living doing what I love.”

This is a massive opportunity for Ash to get himself out there. ” to work with some big names in the industry and to be offered the chance to work alongside them was just amazing.”

Although Ash is going to be on All Together Now and loves performing he still gets nervous. “every time I step on stage or in front of a camera I still get nervous, I think the day I don’t get that nervous feeling is the day I’ve lost all the care for it.” 

He feels that whether you’ve done a show up to 100 times there is still the pressure of entertaining a fresh audience. “that’s what I thrive off and hopefully it will never get old”

We are sure that it won’t ever get old Ash and we wish you luck with the programme! What an amazing experience to have !



Photo sourced by Ash Stevenson

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