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Tantris – She’s Got a Heart of Gold

Charming Indie Rock from Cambridge quartet.

Anyone else miss the 00’s? It was a much simpler time. The radio was dominated by the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand, and not by strange looking mumble rappers named lil’ (insert whatever word you can think of).  It’s easy to feel a bit disenfranchised with popular music today, but relax, there are still those flying the flag for indie rock. Look no further than Cambridge-based Tantris and their new track ‘She’s Got a Heart of Gold’

We start with an early Arctic Monkey’s inspired intro (albeit with a more sensitive southern approach). The simple guitar and vocals set the tone for the track nicely.  When the full band eventually come in, it’s like Johnny Marr was sitting in on a recording session with the Sheffield-based indie legends. Tantris’s influences really shine through on this track (they do have a another track called Let’s Go See the Arctic Monkeys, so they’re obviously big fans).

The lyrics are focussed and sang with real passion. You can tell that ‘she’ is a real person and it gives the song emotional weight.  The vocal delivery is reminiscent of Alex Turners, but with the northern edge stripped away.

It feels as though this song came 10 years too late though. ‘She’s Got a Heart of Gold’ could well have been all over the airways had it been released in say 2008, and a staple of any playlist at an indie club night. Nevertheless, it’s 2018 and this is still a charming song which is a great introduction to a promising new band in Tantris.


Words Daniel Morris

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