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Little Sparrow – Corner Of The Room

The video starts with eerie, twinkling, ambient music the kind you would hear before something you’re unsure about is about to happen.

An ebony mist of sky is seen with tiny pin holes of bursting light, then the camera angle pans revealing a drummer with talc on the skin of his drum which gives off a cloud of white dust with every beat he plays with his muffled stick.

Little Sparrow appears as a puppet like figure dancing in darkness and a strange twist of smoke (Talc from the drum.)

There is a beam of light coming from the corner of the room so this fits well with the overall theme.

Her folk like vocals enhance the mood of the video, a large stringed instrument can be seen being played with a bow elegantly.

The female vocalist is seen with cobwebs binding her movements hanging from her limbs like strings of dust.

Little Sparrows inspiration was taken from a spider, the tale is told from a viewpoint of  a spider in the corner of the room. The cobwebs are symbolism of the fact Katie (Little Sparrow) is the spider in the story, knowing that a creature like her is viewed with dislike and fear.

The drummer is then revealed to be wearing a suit with a top hat like a funeral director.

Treat ‘Corner Of The Room’s music video as a story open for your own perceptions and interpretations and you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Click here to view it. 

Words Emily Vass

Musik Magazine

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