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Charlotte Lily

Remember My Name by Charlotte Lily is a question, a question as to whether anyone will remember her when she runs out of stories to tell.

The track utilises Charlotte’s unique, soft but powerful vocal tones mixed with guitar layered choruses which draw comparisons to the likes of early Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson.

The music video is stripped back and simple. We see Charlotte surrounded by deep water with rain pelting down on her.

It’s clearly just about appreciating the song and its meaningful lyrics, coupled with her raw emotion. Her actions become more violent as she eagerly asks the question, “when I run out of stories, will you remember my name?”


Uplifting in its musicality, it asks this serious question, one that many people think may think about.

Charlotte Lily is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer hailing from Lancashire. She wrote the song in Thailand with good friends Shane Edwards and Chris Porter, Shane being behind the production.

She describes the song to be not about love but a warning not to “cheat at life.”

Charlotte said: “I love every single lyric in this song because almost each line demands an action.

“I wanted the verses to say that just because I’m not showing you something, it doesn’t mean it is not happening.”

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Words Gemma Nettle

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