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Anhedonia-Ride it Out

Who doesn’t love an early Christmas present? No one that’s who, and three days early, the good people from Anhedonia delivered said early present this year, in the form of their debut four–track EP, Ride It Out.

The four piece recently signed to the independent record label Sunbird Records, whose roster includes Lancashire favourites The Laurens and hotly tipped solo artist Jamie Hamilton.

They also celebrated the release of the EP at a packed show at Sunbird’s music venue in Darwen a matter of days ago.

So is this EP worth getting up off the sofa for during Chrimbo Limbo (that awkward time between Christmas and New Year)? Let’s see:

What’s instantly noticeable here is the air of confidence and swagger about this EP.

Here is the sound of a band who know what they are all about.

There’s a good balance in Anhedonia’s sound, there’s a sense of maturity without sacrificing any youthful vibrancy.

Kicking off proceedings is Running Scared.  The ‘Wall of Sound’ production on the track helps to make it sound absolutely massive.

The layers of reverb drenched guitar swell around the tight rhythm section of bass and drums.

Vocally, Running Scared is equally impressive.  The harshness and world-weariness in the singer’s voice is reminiscent of Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas.

Towards the end of the track, it breaks down into a minute-long outro, which is certainly a personal highlight of the entire EP, it really highlights the confidence Anhedonia have in their ability, a trait any good band needs.

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Words Daniel Morris

Musik Magazine


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