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Sweeney Astray

Three piece Mike, Katie and Anna form Sweeney Astray who produce and play indie folk infused melodies with a clear passion for working as well as performing within the arts.

Their track ‘Silver Rain’ is a simple ensemble laced with emotive lyrics and velvet like guitar parts, where from beginning to end the listener is drawn into a gentle lullaby.

Lead vocalist Mike sets the path of the track with a Moby-esque tone to his vocals leading into the effortless blend of harmonies provided by Katie adding a dreamy vibe.

Meanwhile, a positive element of the track is that Anna is consistent in providing melodic drums that do not become overpowering or overshadow the other parts, however providing that much needed added spark.

The distinctive guitar parts work so well together that they create imagery of intertwined strings so eloquently paired with their projected combined sound.

This three piece would go down a treat at folk festivals in the UK and is a must have addition to any relaxing/ wind down playlist on Spotify.

Sweeney Astray can be caught playing live this month at Mellor Brook Community Centre in Preston, where their EP ‘Flow’ will be available!

Words Kerri Marie Lacey


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