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Bastie – Lullaby Heights

Bastie, a Herefordshire based indie pop singer-songwriter, is to release ‘Lullaby Highs’, dropping March 12th.

I listen to a wide variety of music, genres and artists working for Musik Magazine, but I may be brave enough to say that “Lullaby Highs” is my favourite so far!

The track is relatable without being patronising, it almost sounds like a train of thought in some parts, the rhymes coming easily. 

Bastie’s voice and singing style reminds me of early Passenger, saying it how it is and allowing acoustic guitars (which I hold in an extremely high regard) their moments to shine in the right place. 

Bastie is a former ‘BBC Introducing Artist of the Week’ who has already received extensive airplay from BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio.

Even BBC presenter Andrew Marston commented on Bastie’s sound – “Infectious melodies and emotive lyrics from an artist at the beginning of an illustrious career”.  

What are you waiting for? Check the song out!

Article by Emma Stevens

Musik Magazine 2021

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