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Dad Bod – 4/9

Firstly let’s start by greeting the elephant in the room ‘Dad Bod‘ do not sound how I imagined.

The positive, tranquil, soft vocals create visualizations of waves lapping at a shore , like that of Byron Bay.

4/9 has beautiful, spirited elements to the song with a romanticized feel to it.

Another intriguingly titled song ‘Milkdrinker’ caught the ears of Musik Magazine with its hauntingly Daughter-esque sounds. Truly beautiful.

If you are a fan of Ex:Re or London Grammer then Dad Bod are for you!

We’d love to know if you expected this sound based on their name?

Check out the rest of their tunes here – https://dadbodmn.bandcamp.com/

Catch up with them on social media !



Musik Magazine 2021

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