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LX MASON – I don’t

When it comes to musical style, there has been a resurgence of Indie music, but none seem as interesting as dance/electro-pop. One of these new artists is LX MASON.

Born and raised in the state of Florida, Mason currently resides in Australia, where he is recording sick tunes such as his single, ‘I Don’t’, a song that after listening to it, I was filled with several different emotions such as loneliness, happiness, and even surprisingly anger.

This ability to weave his voice and the beats together in a succinct way that pulls on those emotions that define what it means to be human.

When I was listening to the single, I especially enjoy the lyrics, ‘Everything that I give you wasn’t meant to please you’, because It made me relate to the song and the artists humanity by communicating that just because we can bond as individuals, it doesn’t mean that we have to or can please everyone in every way.

I believe the message and lesson is important when it comes to the music industry today and life today.

So, if you are looking for something new and upbeat, full of meaning, yet with a bit of soul then you should give LX MASON a listen and maybe you will feel the same way that I do after listening.

Words James Maines

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