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How does music help this singer through hard times?

Sean Michael is a singer who got in touch with Musik…
The reason I got into music is solely from the fact that many artists I have listened to and still listen to on a daily basis have helped me through some tough times in my life.
It’s no secret that we all go through hardships and music is a major factor that helps get me, as well as others get through those tough times.
I want my music out there to be a way of coping with, or even overcoming those hardships. Not just anger and sadness but also happiness and hope.
Who are your influences?
 All Time Low, A Day To Remember, Blink-182, have helped me.
I just want to be able to speak to everyone through my music as I cannot physically speak to everyone who might need a little help. Music means everything and more to me.
My song “To You It May Concern” features Paul Bartolome on some of the vocals. Paul works with a lot of big artists such as The Word Alive, Escape the Fate, Jonny Craig, Famous Last Words, etc.
The song is about my first love and how we all initially feel after that first love break-up.
“Sunday Stroll” is about my past regrets and my present-day anxiety.
“Choices” is about all the choices I’ve made and if they were made to better myself or unknowingly bring me down.
The last verse gets really personal where I talk about the death of a friend, cancer taking over my grandmother, and my immediate family.
The UK band Seek the Fallen features in it and they have worked with Paul Bartolome as well as JT Cavey from the band ERRA.
My EP titled “From a Bird’s Eye View” has a total of 6 songs. Each just as powerful as the last.
The meaning behind the name of my EP is basically seeing life from a bigger and better perspective.
Interview with Sean Michael
Words Emily Vass

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