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Bandana – Early Signs

Today I want to introduce you to a band based in Oxfordshire/UK


who just released their first EP “Early Signs”

The Band:

Dan Farell (vocals, guitar, bass)

Alan Snelling ( vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums)

Nigel Woy (vocals, harmonica, keyboards)

Dan and Alan got to know each other in the 90s and immediately felt that it was a perfect musical match ..

They released the EP “Out Of The Blue” and Alan’s skills as a sound mixer helped to achieve a really professional sound.

After taking a musical break, they decided to form Bandana in 2018.

Shortly afterwards, Nigel joined the band.

Nigel was lead singer of the band RED and Alan worked as a record engineer at Anvil Studios where films such as Superman and Star Wars were made and both use the studio to record their tracks.

The new album was created because of the lockdown conditions in their home studio.

early signs

The Album:

“Star Gazer”, a brilliant song with a chorale kick off, melodic and stirring, a perfect harmony between the instruments and the vocals.

Soul Searching”, calm and carried with a catchy melody, for dreaming and with a great guitar solo.  An absolute listening pleasure.

Count On You’, sounds like rock’n’roll and I love the vocals and lyrics, the instruments are played very well, all in all a song that gives me a good mood.

“Signs“, a song with a fantastic sound, again these three guys harmonize perfectly. Blues, rock, incredible guitar playing, amazing vocals, it’s simply a great song.

Rock music with blues and country elements, these guys master their craft and one can only hope that we will hear a lot more from them very soon. For my part, I can’t get enough of this inspiring music!












Article by Martina Doerner

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