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Yvng Nova- RLT, Vol 2

I am gravitated towards the beautiful backing of Yvng Nova’s track.

His voice is confident and clear, it’s soothing.

It does remind me of an artist called Rationale with the way the track’s drum beats hit right at a certain time to emphasise the lyrics.

The rapper has a brilliant lyrical flow, he knows when to emphasise lyrically.

His deep tones to his voice are hypnotic.

Musik got to interview Yvng Nova about RLT, Vol 2.

What was the inspiration behind it?

” The inspiration for this track came from me not wanting to be like a typical rapper these days bragging/ lying about how much money they have and all that.

I also wanted to make a song I knew a lot of people will relate to, and sometimes hearing music that makes you feel like you’re not alone is really motivating so that was the motivation.”

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