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Vulpynes – Sister

Irish Garage Punk Rockers Vulpynes are back with a new single. The pandemic named after a mexican lager caused a change of plans for the band as they were unable to finish the recording of their debut album but will be releasing a limited edition 12” via Irish label F.O.A.D/Advance Records utilising the tracks recorded so far. First off we have Sister.

For those of you new to Vulpynes, they are a self described noisy duo from Dublin.  Fuzzy waves of distortion with pounding rhythms punching through are what we get here.. Fakers and faux friends are in their sights. With lyrics as bruising as the riffs and beats here sonically, Vulpynes are the Garage Punk band you need in your life now. Pandemic is driving us all spare, but Vulpynes are supplying refuge to rock out for a few minutes. Thank goodness.

Woe betide anyone who gets on the wrong side of Vulpynes! Get on the right side by listening to Sister. Bodes well for the 12” and hopefully their debut album too.

Sister is available on all digital platforms now!

 Review by Chris Hibberd, Senior Writer for Plugged In Brighton


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