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Right Now – Lauren Lakis

The first thing that captivates me on the song is the almost ghostly drumbeat that echoes dripping water. It is certainly different – and in a good way – it helps to collate the overall tone of existential crisis and living in the moment.

Lakis’ vocals are extraordinary, particularly in the chorus as she adds an emotional edge of melancholy during the repetition of “right now, now”, almost sounding desperate. The dreamy, echoing soundscape add an element of deep thought alongside the lyrics, “Future and the past are always near”.

There is also a certain level of intimacy in “Right Now”, “lay your hand on my chest, my dear”, helping to loosen the existential crisis tone into one of unity. It makes a pleasant change to hear a song about lesser sung about subjects that are still as relatable and headstrong as the next break-up or make-up song out there.

Words Emma Stevens

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