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ONUR – Stunnah

Your sexy after hours playlist is looking a little dry – here, take a hit of this.

London’s contemporary R&B singer and songwriter, ONUR is unveiling his second single Stunnah.

Onur has just the remedy to massage your tense spine and soothe and ruffle the feathers of your next lucky date, ‘Stunnah’. Feel it yet? Sevigen reaches his vocal climax at 1:14, but the beat keeps bumping, the guitar takes the lead and heats the track into a smoothly sailed pant and sweat right to the end.

This shriller, modern day Marvin Gaye has a few sweet nothings to say, “I could use a little bit of loving coming from you” as the electronic thrusting synths sway all the way until it fades away.

A gentleman in public. And a master in the bedroom. 50 Shades soundtrack scouts, take note. Look out for ONUR’s debut EP expected for early 2019.

Words Simon Harwood


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